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An appeal for funds made by an avid supporter reflecting the passion and conviction to support this noble cause.......

Hello Everyone,

Each one of you on this email is going to have or has just had something really good happening to your lives recently, be it a marriage or an engagement, the birth of your child or an impending arrival, a move to a new home or a new career, prosperity in business etc etc. I thought this would be an opportune moment for me to write this email, to share this joy with someone through an act of random kindness. I have chosen every recipient on this email- it is not a spam!! I had something to ask of you guys but please do not be under any obligation to say yes.

As you are aware, I have always been keen to help charitable causes in India and always searching/urging people to find good and noble causes. More importantly I am always looking for like-minded people who are actually making a difference at a personal level in their communities. Luckily I have found a small non descript charity In India that ticks all the right boxes!!

It is a charity called Joy Home for Children. It was founded by two Hyderabad doctors(a husband and wife) who took orphaned children into their own home and supported them using their own finances. Their nobility is immense, so much so that they got more and more children under their roof at their own expense regardless of what their personal finances could afford.

Due to societal pressures and neighbours complaining, they had to find a second home for these kids and pooled all their finances to buy a plot of land outside Hyderabad and erect a basic cement structure with a temporary roof to house these 15 odd children. Due to financial constraints, and never having asked anyone for support, the facilities they could provide have been very basic and as a result far from satisfactory. This has been going on for a while until a friendly stranger from the UK popped by.

My contact Raj Gosai, who is a Punjabi living in Surrey was someone whom I contacted purely on the basis of a web search is their new UK rep. He is a middle class guy, who does not have a job but is committed to working full time for the charity free of cost. The charity itself runs on a 100% money to the children concept which means not even a penny is used from donations for postage or printing.

raj gosai, joy home for children, orphanage in india

Everything comes from Raj’s own funds, including the website he has designed for the, the direct debits he sets up, the trips he makes to India to visit them – absolutely everything! Another unique feature about this charity is that they do not offer the facility to sponsor just one child since people always prefer the younger/cuter ones and the older ones never stand a chance. Also because the money is used for the common benefit of all children, it would be untrue to tell the sponsors that it is the child they have chosen that is purely benefitting from it and hence the NO NO on sponsoring a child.

Instead, they ask to sponsor needs for which there is a needs list on the website. The two doctors who run it are working extra hours to get some more money to fund the creation of a HIV clinic for over 100 children in that neighbourhood where prostitution, selling children off as beggars etc is currently rampant.

I am of the belief that something this human and so noble deserves a helping hand. Hence this email to you two and a few select others whom I think, I can unashamedly ask to help. You can choose a need and sponsor it using the website or let me know and I can get Raj to contact you with the direct debit formalities. It is a paltry sum for each one of us like a railway pass or a dinner in a five star hotel but could do something for someone’s life in a remote part of India!!

More importantly we can actually see the change we make because we know where and whom the money has gone to and see the change for ourselves using Raj (for us in the UK) or local Indian contacts.

Guys, please feel free to say no – absolutely no harm in it. All I am doing is trying to the best of my ability to help. Nina and I have committed to fulfilling the “RICE” requirement by direct debits of £28 a month from our joint salaries. You could choose something as low as you want a month!!

My dream is to get all the needs list on that site fulfilled from my own contacts around the world and abroad and I will keep trying till I achieve it. You may question why only this charity. Well I have no answer. It is like asking why only help one human being and not the other. I am not in a position to determine who is more needier than another but all I can say is that we can only help with the fullest conviction that it made no loss to our lives but helped someone restore theirs!!

Thanks for hearing me out. I really appreciate having friends I can write to without risking my sense of self pride!

Regards, Sanjeevan (London)

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'No act of kindness, no matter how small, is every wasted'.

Thank you to Sophie & Gabby Young (Bradford) for funding Books, Pens and Pencils from March - April 2010 for the children's exam period.....