Why our children are not for adoption?

After several enquiries regarding adoption of children from Joy Home we are issuing the following information:-

No NGO's (Non-Government Organisation) in the state of Andhra Pradesh are permitted to give children away for adoption. Adoption may only be administered via Government run State Homes. There are strict rules and regulations on who is suitable to adopt a child.

However, because the number of orphan children far out number suitable adoption families the Government has granted licences to privately run NGO's such as Joy Home for Children to operate orphanages and homes for the destitute. Without such homes, the children would be left to fend for themselves. This is to all intents and purposes, an adoption in itself. We are not at liberty therefore to allow re-adoption of any of our children.

Children under the age of 5 cannot be taken in by any NGO's and must be submitted to the State Home for Children.

For adoption queries, (Indian residence only) please write to:
C/O Director
Women and Child Welfare Dept
Government of Andhra Pradesh

Our Orphan Children

Initially Dr. Jyothi started with 4 children, registering them with the authorities and taking care of them in her own home all funded by her salary. As time went Dr. Jyothi was made aware (by patients and friends) that more children required help.

Each child that is a part of Joy Home family comes from a tragic past. This is just a snapshot of some of the children, past and present. All names and ages of the children have been withheld.

Child A – Both parents died of Aids and the child was left with an uncle. The uncle did not look after him properly by going to work whilst leaving the child alone, outside with out food. This continued until one of the neighbours realised what was happening and contacted Dr. Jyothi. The uncle has now also died from Aids.

Child B & C – Mother committed suicide, no idea where father is. The fathers brother admitted both brother and sister to our orphanage.

Child D & E – They are brother and sister and the whereabouts of their parents is not known. The boy was working in a shop full time. The shop keeper informed Dr. Jyothi that he was an orphan and as a result he was brought to the orphanage. When the child joined the orphanage he constantly cried for his sister. Dr. Jyothi managed to track down his sister at another orphanage and reunited them at Joy Home so both children could be together.

Child F – Father died, mother has mental issues and therefore the child was bought in to the orphanage.

Child G & H – The father died by falling into a well when children were only 1 and 2 years of age. Mother went into prostitution. The two young girls were brought to Joy Home by neighbours.

Child I – The father left mother and remarried. Mother stuggles to earn a wage and is addicted to alcohol. She bought the child to us for the child's own safety.

Child J & K – Both sisters. Their parents have died, one from Aids and the other from cancer. A distant relative brought the children to our home.

Child L – Father died of cardiac arrest and mother has no job. Child was brought to us by her mother.


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