Orphanage Supporters - donating to our charity in India

Monthly Direct Debit Supporters:- Their kindness support all our children with the everyday running costs of our orphanage. This could be anything from flour to toothpaste. Currently we have 10 Direct Debit supporters.

  Our Donators Location   Our Donators Location
  C Valluri undisclosed   Hiten Parekh undisclosed
  Priya Pal London   Sangha Paramjit London
  Rakesh Bhalla undisclosed   M Kang undisclosed
  Charities Trust     Bhanu Kishore undisclosed
  Charity Aid Foundation     M Kang undisclosed

If you would like to help our orphaned children on a monthly bases, please choice what you would like to contribute towards from our needs list and set up a direct debit via internet banking or printing our direct debit form.

A special thank you for all your support and generous donations to:

  Our Donators Location   Our Donators Location
1. Aid for Humanity Birmingham 2. Odelia Mathews Dubai
3. Charity Trust London 4. DJ Faithful  
5. Jani Tarkkonen Finland 6. Little Putar Clothing London
7. Brenda Lyon (Alberta) Canada 8. Steve/Biddi Button Dorking
9. Anu Kuchibhotla Harrow 10. Iain Davis Reading

'You can make a difference on a personal level'.

Thank you William Ou from London for designing of our logo