Joy Home for Children Corporate Sponsorship 2010-11

Joy Home for Children requires urgent investment from businesses to insure the successful running of this charity from our UK base.

About Joy Home for Children.

Joy Home for Children is an Orphanage based in Hyderabad India. Offering a home for Orphan Children, eliminating the feeling of loneliness and desertion. Each child becomes a member of the Joy Home family. A permanent home with 3 acres of land as their playground therefore providing a safe and secure environment.

Where Investment is Needed.

Marketing Campaign - Corporate/business sponsorship is essential for daily costs involved in running of the charity from our base in the UK. An agreed amount would be allocated and spent wisely on the most productive marketing campaigns throughout the year. This would generate large volumes of traffic to our website, raising awareness as well as donations online. Our sponsors would be given exposure through out the year on all campaigns..

Full Time 'Volunteer' Staff - To cover expenses involved in the implementation of a marketing campaign, maintenance and optimisation of the website, accounts administration, attending exhibitions, fundraising, following up enquiries as well as the daily duties involved in running of a charity.

How much investment? - This all depends on the sponsors. As a small charity, it is much easier to manage finances and provide all sponsors a full breakdown of the investment. The aim is to keep operating costs to a minimum. Corporate funding to be utilised on the maintenance and expansion of Joy Home building in India enabling us to take on more orphan children.

For Corporate/Business Sponsorship Enquiries please contact Raj on:



'Companies can claim Corporation Tax relief on qualifying donations to charity'

Charity News and Updates

  • Donations for July 2013
    8 Direct Debit/Internet Banking Supporters = £167.00. Charities Trust = £50.00
    UK Paypal Donations = £34.11. USA Paypal Donations £9.61
    Australia Paypal Donations £96.90
    And a generous donation from a fundraiser from My Charity Page for £100.00

  • Joy Home supports new charity venture to providing Health Packs and Medical needs to slum & street children in Goa. Financed by a private donation. New Charity Website - April 2013

  • Joy Home launch Out Reach Support Programme for children effected by HIV and Aids. Charity for Children Children Website - May 2010

  • Joy Home wins Optimist Charity Awards 2009/2010 - January 2010

  • Joy Home receives British Registration Status by Charity Commission.
    Registration Number 1131247 - August 2009

  • Joy Home hit by storm force winds destroying the roof - May 2009.
    Click here for photos.

  • Web site lauched - March 2009.

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