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Joy Home - Our Home - April 2010.

Our School. Located approximately 1 km from our home.

Back from school and a quick change of clothes.

Todays activity - writing thank you notes/drawings to the kind people that sponsor monthly items from our needs list.

The younger children can not speak english. They speak the native language Telegu.

We plan to employ a teacher, just to teach English.

St. Johns Primary School in Manchester, sent the children letters.

and photos.

New crayons donated by Children Walking Tall, a charity in Goa.

Great idea. A sari cot. Could catch on!!

Brushing time.

Nice hat!

Starting to rain.

Best of friends.

On the roof.

JPL - Joy Premier League.

But could do with a proper bat, not one made from plywood!

Could do with some stumps also.

Smart guy, easy to sneak back into the Jome Home compound.

With Rommy.

No beds! This is one item listed on our needs list - bunk beds!

Pictured with Raj (UK Director).

Ashok (House Father) and his wife Vijaya (House Mother).

Beautiful Sunset at Joy Home.
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