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Joy Home - Our Home - April 2010.
Photos include pending jobs.

Front Elevation. Just require to fit some gates to keep out
wild life in particular snakes!

We have 3 acres of land upto the fence.

Plenty of area to develop into a play ground and sports field.

Pending Jobs - Flushes but could do with a seat!

Bathroom requires shower fittings and an additional water tank on the roof.

Sink outside kitchen, just need taps fitting.

The childrens storage area. Iron shelves/cupboards are required.

Our first library.

The kitchen.

The boys room - Incomplete - Currently occupied by Rommy (pictured).

Temporary wiring. We only have electricity supply from 6pm till 6am.

Trying to negociate with electricity provider to supply us with a constant supply.

All doors and windows are complete. Funded by an anonymous donator from Jalandar, India

Mud flooring has also been replaced all funded by online donations.

Current bore pump. Not suffienent to water 3 acres of land as well as to forfill the children's water needs.

All the water pumped from the ground is stored in this storage tank. Currently it is empty!

Septic Tank - sewage treatment system common in areas with no connection to main sewage pipes. Our tank is too small!

This area has been surveyed and is suitable for a new bore pump. Already funded by Flashback Events (London).

Thank you for viewing our photos.
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